All Servers : Security update / Reboot

We will be performing another reboot for a newer security update for the servers kernels due to the Spectre/Meltdown bug.

Downtime is not expected to last more than 10 minutes during the reboot.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

18th Jan 2018
All Servers : Security update / Reboot

Due to a recent identified bug in Intel hardware, we will be performing an emergency reboot to update the servers.

There will be a few minutes of downtime while the servers reboot.

7th Jan 2018
SATURN: Server reboot for kernel upgrade

The server will be restarted in a few minutes. This is required for a kernel upgrade.

The downtime is not expected to take more than 5 minutes.

Thank you.

29th Dec 2017
PHP 7.1 is now available!

For those of you living on the edge, PHP 7.1 is now available as an option for your domains. You can activate it in your cPanel.

11th Dec 2016
PHP 7.0 now supported for all accounts!

Great news!

PHP 7 is now enabled for all accounts. To change the version of PHP that you want to use, log into cPanel and click "Change PHP Settings".

You will enjoy improved performance with PHP7 and opCache enabled.

24th May 2016
SATURN: Server reboot for kernel upgrade

The SATURN server will be rebooted shortly for a security kernel upgrade.

Service interruption is expected to last a few minutes.

12th May 2016
Security update

ALL servers are being restarted for an important security update.

This will incur a downtime of 5-15 minutes.

5th May 2016
ALL servers security update reboot.

Dear clients,

Our servers will be restarting in a few minutes for an emergency security update which requires a reboot.

Thank you.

18th Feb 2016
EARTH : Network issue resolved.


The network is back to normal now.

Thank you for your patience.

14th Jan 2016
EARTH server : Network issues

Dear clients,

Our datacenter is experiencing severe packet loss within the local network.

Work is underway to resolve this issue.

We appreciate your kind understanding and patience.

Thank you.

14th Jan 2016